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Student Scholarships

The number of people that need medical help is growing by the day. Yet, medical education continues to be out of reach for many deserving students either due to lack of access or financial constraints.

GMCGA offers scholarships designed to help deserving students who need financial assistance to complete their MBBS program. The scholarship will cover college tuition and hostel fees for qualified students throughout their MBBS program (max 4.5 years).

Aided by generous contributions from three donors, the GMCGA scholarship corpus has risen to $20,000 and supports up to 8 scholarships, two for each class, each year. The program starts inviting applications from students at the beginning of this academic year.

Selection Process

A selection committee, consisting of three members each from Gandhi Medical College (GMC) and GMCAA, and one member of the EKAM Foundation, will review applications and award scholarships. The decisions made by the committee are final and binding. Select committees of GMCGA and GMCAA will hold quarterly meetings to provide oversight for the program.

How To Apply

Applications will be accepted only from currently enrolled students.

How Donors Can Get Involved

GMCGA invites donors to get involved and support the program generously through: