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BLS & ACLS Courses

The first comprehensive three-day BLS/ACLS course was conducted in August 1998 at Viceroy Hotel, as a suitable facility was not available at GMC. For several years utilizing part of his vacation time, Ravinder made an annual pilgrimage to India to organize and conduct the program. Ravinder has written a firsthand account of the travels and travails of a decade that brought his concept to fulfillment. It is a compelling story that I feel is worthy of your time and attention.

Dr. Rajshekar Kollipara is the current secretary of the organization. Post-retirement in 2016, he resides in Hyderabad from November through March and provides training and certification in BLS/ACLS. In addition, he conducts seminars and workshops to teach the management of respiratory failure in the ICU setting. On account of the pandemic, he has suspended the courses until further notice.