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Student Financial Grants

The GMCGA Student Financial Grant Program (GMCSFG) has been established with the intention of providing financial support to some of the undergraduate students of Gandhi Medical College (GMC) who lack or have insufficient financial resources to complete their education and graduate from GMC. GMCGAFGP is a collaborative effort of GMCGA, USA, Gandhi Medical College Alumni Association (GMCAA), India, EKAM Foundation, India and EKAM, USA (EKAM).

GMC is one of the leading academic institutions in the field of medicine in India. It was ranked in the top 20 of India Today’s best medical colleges in India in 2021. GMC, being a government institution provides medical education to eligible students at a nominal fee. However, there are some students in GMC, who lack or have insufficient financial resources and therefore are unable to afford the cost of their medical education, which includes the college fees, hostel fees, mess fees and the cost of books and educational material. To help such students, the Principal of GMC approached GMCAA/GMCGA for assistance. Alumni members from both GMCAA and GMCGA responded immediately offering financial support to the students, which formed the nidus for the financial grant program. GMCGA and GMCAA then partnered with EKAM, which is a not-for-profit organization doing charitable work both in USA and India to establish the GMCGAFGP.

Since GMCSFG is a collaborative project between GMCGA, GMCAA & EKAM USA and EKAM  India , all organizations will collectively and individually in implementing this program. 

GMCGA, GMCAA & EKAM together have established a Financial Grant Committee (FGC) to oversee and implement GMCGAFGP. The FGC will be responsible for the selection of appropriate beneficiaries/students. The SFGC shall consist of seven members. Three members from GMCAA, one from EKAM, three members from the GMC faculty under the guidance of the GMCGA EC and D Board.

The Selection Process

It is the responsibility of the Financial Grant Committee (SFGC) to select appropriate beneficiaries/students for GMCGAFGP. The primary criterion for the selection is the financial need of the beneficiary/student. GMCGAFGP will not discriminate based on sex, caste, creed, community, religion or beliefs.

Beneficiaries/students will be selected based on their family income (income of parents). Initially, fifteen students with the lowest family incomes from each of the four batches/years of students in GMC will be selected.

The process of selection each year will follow the following sequence/steps:

  • A notice for the scholarship with a common application will be advertised in GMC, requesting students to apply for the scholarship.
  • The SFGC will review all applications and necessary documentation and select the appropriate beneficiaries/students using the criteria of financial need.
  • The SFGC will interview the selected students. A background check, if feasible will be performed on selected students to confirm the financial status declared.
  • Upon selection, each beneficiary/student will receive an amount equivalent to 3500 Rs every month on a selected date till completion of their MBBS course, subject to annual renewal.
  • Annual renewal will depend on continuous attendance, passing exams and good conduct, which will be reviewed annually by the SFGC.
  • The beneficiary/student may also be asked to participate in charitable/welfare projects related to the field of medicine and medical education.

The beneficiary/student will be required to sign an agreement/letter of acceptance with all the terms and conditions set forth before they receive the first payment of the grant.